How does bidding work on NutBid?

How it works?

Working procedure of NutBid in four easy steps


Quick Registration and Bonus Nuts

Register in less than 60 secs and get free bonus Nuts to start with! You need Nuts to place bids.


Place Bid using Nuts

Every bid uses a certain number of Nuts...

(F) = Free,  (2x) = 2 Nuts/bid,  (4x) = 4 Nuts/bid,  (5x) = 5 Nuts/bid, etc.


You can buy Nuts by clicking the "+" sign at the top of the page.


Watch the Timer

The timer resets each time someone places a bid. Think of it as "Going Once… Going Twice… SOLD".


Be the last to bid

When the timer hits zero and no one else bids, you are the WINNER!


But I didn't win

If you don't win, and the auction's shopping cart is orange, you can buy the item. Better yet, any bids* you placed on the auction will count towards the purchase price and you get the discount. You're still a WINNER!

And there's more!


All purchased Nuts that you use in auctions count towards your Gold Nuts total. Use Gold Nuts to redeem any product in our store. You're a WINNER no matter what at NutBid!


You can try out our free demo auction located to the right of the screen to get a clearer idea of live bidding.


* See the Help and FAQ section for details.. 

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