WowWee MiP Robot

WowWee MiP Robot
WowWee MiP Robot
WowWee MiP Robot
WowWee MiP Robot
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Product overview

WowWee MiP Robot

WowWee MiP Robot is equipped with GestureSense technology so you can control him with the swipe of a hand. It offers tons of game play fun, using its free app. You can drive it, play laser tag, box, balance and more. This electronic robot balances on two wheels. Attach the included tray to its chest, and he will exhibit his strength to carry a variety of items. This robot has an immersive personality in response to your treatment of him. He wants to be your friend, but he can also give you attitude.


Product features


  • Ages 8 and up
  • Balances on 2 wheels
  • GestureSense technology
  • Immersive Personality: Reacts to your praise and discouragement
  • MIP the robot plays games and more
  • Free iOS/Android app for even more fun